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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release Therapy
60/90/120 mins

John Barnes Myofascial Release (MFR) is a holistic therapeutic technique that delves into the fascial system—the intricate web of connective tissues encompassing every structure within the body. This method, rooted in the principle of gentle, sustained pressure, aims to release fascial restrictions that often hold physical and emotional trauma. Unlike other modalities, MFR underscores the importance of individualized treatment, fostering self-awareness and empowering individuals to actively participate in their healing journey. By engaging both the physical and emotional aspects of fascial tension, it helps unearth and address the underlying causes of discomfort, facilitating authentic healing, enhanced mobility, and a harmonious mind-body connection.

Prenatal Myofascial Release

Prenatal Myofascial Release Therapy
60/90/120 mins

Our Prenatal Myofascial Release (MFR) offers a specialized approach tailored to the needs of expectant mothers in their second or third trimester. This gentle technique delves into the fascial system to address the unique strains of pregnancy. By employing a soft, sustained pressure, it aims to alleviate discomfort, support the changes in the body, and enhance the well-being of both mother and child. Our prenatal MFR encourages relaxation, improves circulation, and aids in emotional balance during this transformative time. Each session is customized to the individual, promoting a holistic connection between mother and baby.


Biofield Balancing

90 mins

Reiki is a natural healing practice that uses a hands-on technique to transfer healing energy through the palms of the practitioner to the client. This energy healing can promote wellness by reducing stress and anxiety, relieving pain, discomfort, and enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Involving the playing of crystal singing bowls and an array of instruments, sound baths can help improve concentration and sleep quality, while reducing stress and anxiety with its healing acoustic vibrational therapy. Feel the pure calming frequency fill the room and envelope you with their soothing rich tones as they restore harmony and clear energetic blockages. Reiki paired with sound healing is an ideal complement to conventional medicine and other alternative therapies. Healing is facilitated on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Traditional Massage

60/90/120 mins

Designed especially for those who desire traditional massage therapy. Massage promotes relaxation, eliminates insomnia, enhances circulation, relieves muscle pain and tension, improves flexibility, and stimulates lymphatic flow to flush out toxins with the benefits of compression, stretches, and cross-fiber friction techniques.
 a thorough consultation, your session will be individualized; incorporating different modalities to fit your needs. Vibroacoustics, essential oils, and thermotherapy such as hot stones  that relax muscle stiffness and relieves soreness, contribute to a full sensory experience that may include moments of intensity for some individuals and deeply relaxing for others. Working through the sensations that arise is essential for the therapeutic 

MFR Treatment Plans

Prenatal MFR Treatment Plan 

23 Prenatal & 2 Postpartum 60 minute MFR sessions $3,348

Prenatal MFR Treatment Plan Details

• First Trimester (Week 1-13)
◦ Not applicable

• Second Trimester (Week 14-27)
◦ 4th Month (week 14-17)
▪ One Session (1)
◦ 5th Month (week 18-22)
▪ Two Sessions (2)
• Bi-weekly
◦ 6th Month (week 23-27)
▪ Two Sessions (2)
• Bi-weekly

• Third Trimester (Week 28-40)
◦ 7th Month (Week 28-31)
▪ Four Sessions (4)
• Weekly
◦ 8th Month (Week 32-35)
▪ Eight Sessions (8)
• Twice per week
◦ 9th Month (Week 36-40)
▪ Six Sessions (6)
• Three times per week
◦ Frequency may vary by Labor & Delivery

• Postpartum
◦ Two Sessions for postpartum care (2)

-Must follow recommended schedule (exceptions will be made to frequency of care on case by case basis with a note from your prenatal provider)

Vivify MFR Intensive Treatment Plan

Twelve 90-minute Myofascial Release Intensive Session  $2,472

MFR Intensive Treatment Plan Details

Twelve 90-minute Myofascial Release session Intensive

The purpose of an intensive is to vivify your system and prime your body for what is possible in your fascial healing journey. Frequency is important when it comes to lasting change and optimal results in your body. There are layers of trauma; whether it be emotional or physical, our fascia holds the key to healing our ancient wounds. When you choose to authentically heal through MFR, you are training your neuromuscular system to feel safe to express itself how it needs to in order to release this trapped energy we often refer to as unexplained chronic pain. This can be phenomenal preparation for an event such as surgery and a catalyst for healing post surgery as well as an array of other conditions.

Explore the patient-centric approach of John Barnes Myofascial Release. This holistic and gentle method uses slow and sustained pressure with skin-to-skin contact reaching deep fascial tissue aiming for long-term healing with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of the body and mind, both physical and emotional aspects of body tension.

Myofascial Release (MFR) is about identifying and gently engaging the unique fascial restrictions in individual bodies with advanced training and understanding that every person has distinct fascial strain patterns that require patiently waiting at the barrier without forcing, to elicit various phenomena like piezoelectricity, mechanotransduction, and ultimately, resonance or release.

-Frequency of treatment must be scheduled 3 per week over 30 day period
-One on One Feedback with your MFR therapist throughout your treatment is required for optimal results
-Google Reviews help others find healing. Submit yours at the end of your intensive

All package sessions will expire 60 days after your first session is scheduled.


*Please make sure to understand these terms before accepting treatment*

I just moved to the area and was looking for someone to truly help alleviate my back pain. I just finished my first session and I can truly say I already feel a difference in not only my back, but overall. Definitely recommend – Amp S
I was rear ended in an auto accident! My Chiropractor suggested I see a massage therapist to help un tighten my stiffness. My wife heard through a coworker that Ryan is the person to be seen! I called made an appointment and had a general Swedish massage. Ryan’s hands are like mink gloves. She does an amazing job at working out the kinks. I’ve always wanted to try the Hot Stones massage. Well the next week that is what I got! It is like nothing you have ever experienced in your life. It’s just incredible how she balances going back and forth with warm oil and her hands then Hot Stones with warm oil and she rolls slides pushes in on the stiff knotted knots that get pushed in. But by continuously using hands and Hot Stones she melts away all your troubles stress aches and pains. All the while she is masterful at winding you down and let’s you relax the last 5-10 min with Hot Stones resting on your problem areas… They only allow you to use 5 star’s But in all actuality she deserves 10 stars’s It u have never tried Hot Stones and always have thought about it. Just do it! The 90 minutes and the tranquil state you will be in is worth every cent! I only do this now. Ryan has me for life. She is just that great:) – Anthony C
She’s wonderful! Ryan has been massaging me for more than two months and she is working to undo years of knots and tension in my whole body. She gives deep tissue, hot stones or “light and fluffy” massages (depending on what I need each time). She’s very good at finding the trouble areas, and I always leave feeling more relaxed than when I came in. Ryan will definitely be part of my health and wellness plan for the foreseeable future. – Lacey K

“She’s the absolute best!! She listens to what you want and works for what your body needs to be healed.”

– Jenni B

“Hands down one of the best massages I’ve had. Just the right amount of pressure and super professional. I will be back for sure!”

– Gary P

“She’s wonderful! Ryan has been massaging me for more than two months and she is working to undo years of knots and tension in my whole body. She gives deep tissue, hot stones or “light and fluffy” massages (depending on what I need each time). She’s very good at finding the trouble areas, and I always leave feeling more relaxed than when I came in. Ryan will definitely be part of my health and wellness plan for the foreseeable future.”

– Lacey K

“Ryan Lathe is always 100% professional. Her knowledge of the body’s needs is simply amazing. She has helped me heal physical injuries, and her expertise has helped lead me to find other health professionals/treatment when necessary. She has instructed me in techniques and advice to keep myself more sound and healthy.”

– Mary S

“Ryan’s strong hands and knowledge of the body’s healing process make the perfect combination for a great massage! Relaxing and therapeutic! Her massages ease the damage I do to my body from sitting at the computer all day. I leave her studio feeling refreshed, relaxed, and more mobile. The hot stone massage is my favorite!! “

– Brittney H

“I was looking for a sports oriented massage therapist and Ryan was recommended to me by another athlete. After my first massage, I knew I had found the right person to look after my going, creaky body. She takes time to find out what issues I have each week, and focuses on getting me moving again. I’ve had a lot of massages in my life and Ryan is amazing. “ – Donna R
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