Leanna Muenich

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Leanna Muenich

Hi, I am Leanna. My spiritual journey started 4 years ago after an experience that changed my life forever. I found a sense of being and seeing life’s energy in everything. Then, I decided to learn more and continue my journey with the 1st module “The Warriors Threshold” and 2nd module “The Merchant and Priest Threshold” at the School of Shamanic Initiation. I continued my studies getting to know myself through voice and physical health by learning Icaro Language and Integrating Health Courses.

I began resonating with the crystal sound bowls and Reiki. I have been putting intention and attention into using them on myself to heal traumas and go into deep meditations clearing blockages. As I started to become my own healer, I felt called to help others by playing for them. I play and share the medicine of crystal sound bowls that are at the frequency of 432 Hz and 528 Hz. They promote a deep relaxation for healing and help repair DNA, bringing a sense of harmony and balance, clearing energetic blockages, and bringing you into a peaceful and mindful state of being. In this path, I truly begin to understand that the stories we tell have an impact on our health and vitality. To see that my own biography becomes my biology.

I am able to intuitively feel where someone is blocked or overactive. This allows me to clear those blockages through sound healing and Reiki to align the chakras so they leave with a sense of openness and clarity. 

I have a calling within to work as support, be in service to deepen my learning on what and how I can serve, and help empower others through my direct experience to identify their gifts.

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